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MF Case - Japan Parking Basement

September 14, 2022

Latest company case about MF Case - Japan Parking Basement

14 underground garages in Jinnan campus of Japan have completed the smart lighting system transformation project. While improving the lighting experience, the transformed garage lighting system can save 220000 kwh of electricity every year, save 115000 yuan of electricity expenses, and the energy saving rate is up to 65%.


According to reports, Jinnan campus in Japan has 4 underground motor garages and 10 underground bicycle garages. Before the renovation, 1800 36W traditional fluorescent lamps were installed. Because the original manual switch lamp is difficult to carry out fine manual management, the garage has to turn on the "constant light" from morning to night, and the annual power consumption is nearly 500000 kwh. Although the staff strengthen the energy-saving management and adopt the mode of interval lighting, it still needs to consume 340000 kwh / year, and the electricity cost is 176800 yuan / year. In addition, the underground garage is humid in summer, and the fluorescent lamps are easy to be damaged by dampness, so the school needs to spend a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources every year to maintain the daily operation of the garage lighting system.

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In order to solve the problems of large energy consumption and high maintenance cost of underground garage lighting system, and realize further refined management, Japan logistics support department recently carried out energy-saving transformation of lighting system in 14 underground garages of Jinnan campus in accordance with the principle of "low carbon and energy saving".


Through scheme comparison and selection, the logistics support department of Japan finally adopted the transformation scheme of "lighting LED + intelligent control system". According to the plan, after the calculation of light efficiency and the experimental measurement of on-site road illumination, 18W LED lamps are adopted in the garage after the renovation to replace 36W traditional fluorescent lamps before the renovation, the power consumption is reduced by half, but the illumination can be improved; After the transformation, the garage adopts the control mode of "front-end mobile sensor + intelligent gateway + back-end cloud platform management", which can timely monitor the traffic between people and vehicles, and link the light controller to intelligently adjust the brightness of lamps; After the transformation, the garage is integrated with a single lamp intelligent control system, which can independently control the current value of each lamp, so that the brightness of the lamp changes in the range of 0 ~ 100% according to the needs, and the power consumption of the lamp also changes, so the lighting system realizes the secondary energy saving.


In addition, Japan's logistics support department has also adopted the principle of "lighting on demand, energy conservation and emission reduction", and determined the lighting demand of each road section at different times according to different garage size, parking space location and number, and garage shape, so as to carry out professional design and make full use of modern information technology, Three sets of lighting schemes, namely "daily energy-saving mode", "holiday super energy-saving mode" and "emergency full light mode", have been formulated to form intelligent Internet of things solutions, so as to ensure in-depth realization of on-demand lighting and minimize direct energy consumption.

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"Thank you very much for the products and services provided by Ming Feng Lighting. This garage renovation not only replaced energy-saving lamps, but also realized more refined energy management. Next, the energy saving office plans to apply the new intelligent lighting system to the public areas of classrooms and buildings, aiming to achieve the goal of intelligent facilities, convenient services and refined management through intelligent means. " The relevant person in charge of Japan's logistics support department said.


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Japan parking basement uses our triproof light which illuminate 150lm/w, it's an ideal lamp to substitue 2x58W fluoresent grid lamp, it saves more than 60% electrity bill but increasing lux level , it makes driver drives safer when parking under basement.

Meanwhile, MF provide smart tube with microwave sensor solution for parking lot as well.


Current situation of underground parking lot: the lighting of underground parking lot is poor, and the lighting problem has been perplexing developers and users, mainly in the following aspects:


1. The underground garage is a very dark place. If there is no light in time, accidents are easy to happen. Moreover, the flow of people is very small, which often provides favorable conditions for criminals and is a weak area of security management.

2. Lighting is expensive. General garage lighting needs 24 hours of work, and the annual electricity charge is considerable.

3. The number of garage lights is large, and the workload of replacement and maintenance is large, which is a difficulty in property management.

Current situation before transformation

The LED intelligent lighting tube successfully solves the contradiction between constant lighting of underground garage lighting and power saving, and the power saving efficiency is up to about 85%. LED intelligent garage lamp used in garage lighting Transformation:

Microwave radar induction LED lamp radar induction uses Doppler principle to transmit high-frequency microwave signal. After program intelligent identification and processing, the signal and power supply together form radar microwave induction garage lamp power supply and automatically induction. The garage lamp can intelligently detect the surrounding electromagnetic environment and automatically adjust the working state.

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Radar induction LED lamp

Working characteristics of microwave radar induction LED lamp:

When someone or vehicle moves, the radar sensing garage lamp is 100% fully on, the working power is 18W, and the brightness is twice that of 40W fluorescent lamp. When the pedestrian and vehicle leave, after a delay of 25 ± 5 seconds, the radar induction lamp will automatically switch to the slightly bright state of 20% full brightness, the working power is only 3W, and the overall average working power does not exceed 5W. The brightness when it is slightly bright can fully meet the needs of security, monitoring and lighting. If someone or car has been moving in this area, the induction lamp in this area is always 100% on. The radar sensing garage light sensing area covers 360 degrees below the light, and the sensing distance is 6-8m. That is, the areas with a radius of 6-8 meters with the people and vehicles as the center of the circle are the brightest.


Schematic diagram of radar induction

Advantages of microwave radar induction led radar induction lamp

1. Automatically sense moving objects such as people and vehicles, and provide appropriate and timely lighting as required. People and cars come and go all bright, people and cars go to light slightly, automatically sleep, remove invalid lighting, and completely change the all-weather "long light" lighting state in the past 24 hours.

2. The application of LED light source in radar induction lamp publicizes the advantages of LED lamp beads: long service life, high luminous efficiency, small volume and easy control. It avoids the disadvantages of ordinary lamps: there is no light failure caused by continuous high temperature, the high efficiency benefit of power saving can quickly recover the high investment, ultra long service life, save a lot of manual maintenance and replacement costs, and automatic induction brings great convenience.



Japan parking basement uses our triproof light which illuminate 150lm/w, it's an ideal lamp to substitue 2x58W fluoresent grid lamp, it saves more than 60% electrity bill but increasing lux level , it makes driver drives safer when parking under basement.



Ming Feng Lighting learned from customers in Tokyo, Japan that the public parking lot reconstruction project of Binhe Square underground civil air defense project has entered the stage of supporting engineering and equipment commissioning and will be put into use soon.



The underground civil air defense project of Binhe square is located on the south side of Dongjin road and the east side of Donghe Road, close to Jinying mall, 100 in the central area of Tokyo, Maoye department store and other large shopping malls. With the continuous increase of car ownership in the central area of Tokyo, the problem of parking is becoming increasingly prominent, especially in xibakou business district. It is "difficult to find a parking space" every holiday. In order to solve the parking problem of xibakou business district, speed up the construction of urban public parking lot and promote the management of parking order in the central urban area, Tokyo customers in Japan launched the public parking lot reconstruction project of Binhe Square underground civil air defense project in April this year, which is transformed, managed and operated by Tokyo Central District Transportation Station Construction Management Co., Ltd.

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It is understood that the original space of the civil air defense project in Binhe square is about 1400 square meters, and only 48 cars can be parked. After the reconstruction of phase I project, some corner spaces have been utilized, and the number of parking spaces has been increased to 60, including 20 electronic charging parking spaces.

Ming Feng Lighting saw at the construction site that the road surface at the entrance of the parking lot has been painted in striking green, the voice controlled lighting of the underground parking space has been installed, and the basic commissioning of the electronic charging pile has been completed.



"In order to improve the efficiency of vehicle access, the parking lot adopts the latest electronic identification system, which will realize unmanned intelligent management." Okasan, the project leader of the underground parking lot of Binhe square, introduced that drivers passing by here can understand the remaining parking space information from the HD guidance screen at the entrance of the parking lot tens of meters away. The electronic identification system at the entrance and exit can read the vehicle license plate, sense the entry and exit of vehicles, retain vehicle pictures, record the access time, and transmit relevant information to the municipal platform in real time, The parking time and cost shall be calculated uniformly. In this way, it only takes 5 minutes for citizens to walk to the surrounding large supermarkets after parking, and it is also convenient to pick up the car and get out.



It is understood that the parking lot is implemented according to the underground parking charging standard: it is free for the first half hour of each parking space, 4 yuan for 2 hours during the daytime (8:00-20:00), 1 yuan for every half hour after 2 hours, and 3 yuan for 6 hours during the night (20:00-8:00).



According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal transportation station construction management Co., Ltd., after the opening of some parking spaces for civil air defense in Binhe square, the space of the underground idle commercial area will be further integrated, and strive to expand the number of parking spaces to more than 100, so as to further alleviate the problem of parking around Pozi street.

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