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MF Visit EU

March 23, 2021

Latest company news about MF Visit EU

In order to support more client in European countries, and MF engineer team visit EU in May.2019. The trip is very successful.

Time: April 6, 2019 - April 11, 2019

Business trip location: Amsterdam, Netherlands, Paris, France, Frankfurt, Germany, a total of 5 days

Visiting customers: bul and unique in Holland, European brand in France, GMX in Germany, 4 in total

1、 Major customer visits and major projects

1. This business trip is mainly for 3 key sales outlets and 4 customers: 3 old customers and 1 new customer. There are two Dutch customers, one in France and one in Germany.

2. Visit customers. It is estimated that there will be about 11 projects or projects in 2019. The main products are LED outdoor products such as Apollo / Artemis and LED indoor products such as 18W tubes, downlights and bulbs. It is estimated that the sales volume of this customer will be about RMB 5.1 million in 2019.

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1. Visit customers

A. This customer is an old customer in the Netherlands. He is a local lighting engineering dealer, mainly engaged in LED lighting engineering projects. His main market is in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The cooperation started in 2010, with sales of about 4.2 million RMB. Now there are mainly gymnasiums for renovation. 60 120 Artemis have been tested. There will be some follow-up

B. Dutch customer unique. This customer is an old customer. Since 2010, we have cooperated with each other. We are a local trade wholesaler, which is a partnership between Chinese and local people. From the beginning, we purchased some MF lighting street lamps. However, due to the LED market problems, we mainly focus on wholesale LED indoor products. Now we are preparing to purchase led commercial lighting products to replace traditional commercial lighting products.

C. French customer European brand is a new customer, mainly an influential lighting wholesaler in Chinese area. The customer's head office has been engaged in lighting wholesale for 19 years in the Chinese area, mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of lighting products of some billboard engineering companies. Now the local lighting wholesale market has opened a new LED store, mainly selling LED products, such as downlights, LED panel lights, small LED displays and so on.

D. GMX Frankfurt, Germany, a trader, mainly to develop some outdoor projects. In 2013, the sales volume was about 1.6 million, mainly focusing on engineering lighting projects in Germany and Czech Republic.

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2、 LED lighting market in Europe

1. Due to the gradual improvement of the overall economic situation, the policies of various countries, such as Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain and so on, began to start LED lighting. In addition, the Eastern European market also began to be active, such as Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and so on. This year, a large number of self-employed or small companies have entered the LED industry. Major brands such as Cree and thorn also strengthen the layout of the European market.

2. Major large and medium-sized cities such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London began to measure LED street lights outside the suburbs. Some countries began to release LED street lamp renovation projects for some new roads, such as sepulus, Hungary, UK, etc.

3. Led commercial products began to enter the replacement market. Mainly in the commercial application market, such as office buildings, supermarkets, private properties, industrial parks, etc., mainly involving led commercial lighting products such as lamp tubes, downlights, spotlights, etc. Cob business liacense has been widely used.

3、 Current sales of MF lighting in Europe

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1. At present, most of the customers are small and medium-sized engineering companies and trading companies, lacking KA customers, resulting in a large number of orders but small, and unsatisfactory sales performance. The key is to find Ka channel customer cooperation.

2. The existing customer groups are mainly LED outdoor products, lack of wholesale channel of LED products and distribution channels.

3. Accelerate the certification and promotion of cob products, cob products gradually become the mainstream of European market.

4. The improvement of ERP energy efficiency standards should be accelerated to supplement the market

5. We need to increase the number of local expatriates to join the team, speed up the market, and focus on the development and maintenance of KA customers.

4、 The corresponding market development strategy in the future

1. It is necessary to improve the performance of the existing outdoor products and improve the market competitiveness of the products. Such as 100lm / W.

2. Speed up the promotion of cob products.

3. The maintenance and product service support of existing customers need to be improved and accelerated.

4. Take the customer project as the market orientation, increase the support of OEM products.

5. Accelerate the development of large-scale channel providers or engineering providers, that is, the development of KA customers in Europe.

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To sum up, at present, the market of LED products will be laid out in 2019, and at the same time, the market will enter the release stage, forming a pattern of product diversification, competitive branding and diversified sales channels, consolidating the advantages of existing products, developing and promoting new mainstream products in the market, consolidating the existing customer groups as the sales basis, and at the same time, we must urgently develop KA customers to open a new market situation Consolidating the existing sales channels and adding new foreigners to speed up market development will be the main marketing strategy for the European market in 2019. The keynote of 2019 is to lay a solid foundation for LED products in the European market and lead the rapid outbreak of new performance.


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