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company news about MF Road Map of 2021

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I have been working with MF-Claire for the past 6 months,Miss Claire have shown full cooperation and professional action all over this period, and we are so happy for dealing with her and MF company.

—— Ing. Ibrahim Amer-Spain

Hi Claire that's perfect thanks again, I will spread your name far and wide among the UK growing community! You've been a lot of help.

—— Tom Strichen---UK

It was a great experience having an opportunity to work with such a professional supplier like MF and having received finest services from you.

—— Shashi

I need more your 60pcs 200W Pionner led grow lights , This lamp work good for my flowers

—— Richard

MF is a reliable supplier of LED lighting products. I have known her and buy from the factory since 2009.

—— David Hale--USA

Professinonal across the MING FENG LIGHTING CO,.LTD company featured with best people such as Allen. I'm impressed!

—— Florian--UK

I must thanks a lot for MING FENG team, without their great support, especial the EXCELLENT DIALUX SIMULATION we can't win the parking lot project.

—— Ricardo--Brazil

I really would like to work with MING FENG, their professional service on the lighting solution and reliable products help me win much market!

—— Thierry Baron--UK

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Company News
MF Road Map of 2021
Latest company news about MF Road Map of 2021

COVID-19 impact MF lighting business significantly, however, the production system still works fine as soon as the situation goes stable, it's a hard year for MF, and of crouse, not easy for our lovely client. MF focus on only the business happening today, but also, tomorrow. MF top management is drawing a road map for next year, this is very important for the whole system get the right direction as star in dark sky at night.

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On the morning of March 7, the three-day MF lighting 2020-21 annual marketing system meeting opened in Dongguan headquarters. At the meeting, the sales work in 2019 was summarized, the sales work in 2020-21 was deployed, and the teams and individuals who made outstanding contributions to the company's performance were commended and rewarded. The chairman of the board of directors, executive deputy general manager, responsible persons of relevant functional departments and some business elites from various regions attended the meeting.


The conference started with the first show of MF lighting 2020-21. The new publicity system shows MF lighting's comprehensive strength in technological innovation, R & D and manufacturing, marketing service, comprehensive performance, etc., and comprehensively expounds MF lighting's strategic development concept. MF lighting highlights the new era and new strategy. With its strong R & D strength, MF lighting has won the market and recognition. With professional technology and solutions, MF lighting products have spread all over the world and achieved the brand image of LED outdoor lighting industry leader. Full of a sense of science and technology, vitality and international vision characteristics of the promo greatly inspired the participants.

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In the awarding process, the outstanding individuals and teams emerging from the marketing work in 2019 were commended and rewarded. Next, Ms. Claire, executive deputy general manager, made a comprehensive summary of the overall marketing situation of the company's domestic market in 2019. Claire affirmed the hard work and achievements of all the marketing staff. At the same time, Claire also pointed out that the past year of 2019 is the best year for MF lighting. We have both successes and shortcomings, and we still need to further improve our engineering channel customer development, engineering project reserve, and large project operation.


Claire has made an important deployment of the key marketing work in 2020-21. She first pointed out that MF will benefit from 2020-21 Lighting is a "key year" connecting the past and the future; the 13th five year plan for urban green lighting has set clear proportion requirements for urban road lighting installation rate and intelligent management system, and the demand for landscape lighting is also growing steadily. Therefore, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, large space lighting and intelligent lighting will be market opportunities. At the same time, the market competition tends to be white hot, and MF lighting will be faced with a situation of strong competition. From 2020 to 21, MF lighting should not only maintain the working style of working together and not afraid of difficulties, but also seek improvement and change in the fierce competition.

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In the face of competition and market challenges, Claire stressed that there is a long way to go for MF lighting marketing in 2020-21. In 2020-21, we should first change our thinking and adopt the EMU thinking, that is, from leading to running by ourselves. Build a platform organization, do a good job in resource sharing, and realize all staff marketing. At the same time, the back office should be simplified and the service should be flat. Focus on resources, pay close attention to key projects, and provide high-quality services for key customers such as lighting engineering dealers, urban lighting management system and enterprise key customers. The main resources are focused on the field of LED outdoor lighting, especially the growing field of intelligent street lamps and urban landscape lighting. Continue to promote the construction of Engineering channels, and strive to achieve the goal of doubling the number of effective engineering channel customers. Complete the three-step landscape strategy, fully develop architectural lighting line and surface products, increase the proportion of landscape sales and landscape standard products, and continue to stabilize MF lighting's leading brand position in the field of LED outdoor lighting.

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Ms. LAN, the person in charge of the western region, Mr. Li, the person in charge of the eastern region, Mr. Lin, the person in charge of the southern region, Mr. Duan, the person in charge of the eastern region, and Mr. Wang, the person in charge of the central region of the domestic marketing system, summarized their respective regional marketing work in 2019, and reported their respective work departments in 2020-21. Relevant persons in charge of the finance department, the legal department, the marketing department and the research institute respectively trained and exchanged with the participants on cost control, contract risk, product development and training, product certification, etc., and won high praise from the participants.

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