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company news about MF Team Training Program

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Company News
MF Team Training Program
Latest company news about MF Team Training Program

MF team hold a training program in August succefully, all people involved had upgrade the skill of sales and strength the team work concept, this is very essential for a flexible team.

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Ming Feng lighting project marketing team is one of the marketing teams established and cultivated by the company. In order to build a centripetal force marketing team that dares to fight and win, the marketing management department of the group, together with the human resources department, organized the Huizhou station of "marketing" in the world - special training of sales sequence in 2019.

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On August 3, 2019, the carefully prepared special training on sales sequence was successfully held in Huizhou project sales department. Under the leadership of Xu Xiang, head of group marketing management department 1, and Wu Wenzhu, training manager, the training was conducted in the form of course sharing and outward bound training, aiming to cultivate Huizhou sales staff's sense of goal, clarify their career development channels, convey the group's cultural concept, and enhance the cohesion and teamwork ability of Huizhou marketing team.

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At 10:00 a.m. on August 3, all participants gathered in Huizhou Project Office on time to officially start the day's training. The training is divided into four stages: "past and present life", "cultural belief", "promotion channel" and "system boundary", with development activities interspersed in the middle. In the "past life and present life" module, manager Wu gives an overall introduction to the company's development, strategic deployment and project achievements, so that the sales members have a clearer understanding of the company's situation; in the "cultural belief" module, manager Wu combines the deeds of Jinghan employees with the company's core values of "righteousness, responsibility, innovation and cooperation" to vividly explain Each participant was deeply moved by Jinghan's cultural concept and public welfare activities; "promotion channel" systematically introduces competency model, promotion channel and qualification of sales staff, which makes sales team members more clear about their career development goal, path and direction; "system boundary" takes the form of guided reading club to organize everyone Read and share all kinds of rules and regulations of the sales department, so that the members of the sales team can be more targeted and efficient in their future work. All kinds of development games are carried out around the theme of "innovation and cooperation". Members fully realize the importance of innovation spirit and cooperation spirit in team work in the process of completing tasks.

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After the training, general manager Xu expressed his expectation and blessing to Huizhou Sales team based on his own experience. He hoped that they could persist in learning and accumulating in their future work, carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, and create more brilliant achievements for Huizhou Sales team! We also look forward to Huizhou Sales team can go through ups and downs but not decline, hard and stronger, with one heart and one mind, to create good results!


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